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QuadrapawsThe QuadraPaws™ are a group of everyday people with a common bond based in recreational four wheeling. Our membership includes family units and singles, males and females, military and civilian, young and old, beginning and experienced drivers, mechanics and klutzes. Our vehicles range from Flat-fender Jeeps, to W.W.II Military to Modern Full Size Pick-ups and SUV’s, 1940’s vintage to brand new.

We do not restrict membership based on race, religion, creed, national origin, gender, marital status, or wheel base. Those who display irresponsible or immature behavior on road and off road, or hotdog’ers, show a lack of respect for the environment, or are not willing to work in support of our clubs goal are NOT good candidates for membership.

We help one another to learn, to gain confidence and experience in the off road setting. Drivers are not pressured to perform or exceed their capabilities or that of their vehicle. Each driver is ultimately and personally responsible for all decisions involving their vehicle and passengers.

Mechanical problems are a distinct possibility in the harsher environment of off road. Should someone have a problem, we band together to create a solution rather than leaving them to get back to civilization on their own.

We enjoy seeing the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest up close and personal. Using a four wheel drive vehicle allows us to get off the beaten path and go places others just dream about. “Getting there is half the fun” applies doubly to four wheelingLife is Good. The comradery of the campfire, the personal satisfaction of negotiating a difficult section of trail, the feeling of accomplishment in returning something to the environment through our various projects is something that cannot be adequately described; IT MUST BE EXPERIENCED.

“Life is Good, Make it Great!”

We always try to leave each place we visit cleaner than when we found it. We participate in various civic projects by assisting local, state and federal agencies in cleaning up and repairing camp grounds, local water ways and ocean beaches, and constructing and maintaining four wheel drive trails. We have provided transportation to medical personnel during bad weather, delivered food to shut-ins, and helped other organizations accomplish their civic-oriented goals. This is our way of giving something back to the environment and of being a responsible citizen.

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